Travius - everything you need in management, under one program!

Travius can be worked with a multitude of business models and various combinations of them. With this program you can manage own production as well as third party resources. Travius also works well for multi-service companies, where there is hotel, restaurant and activity services all under one roof.

With Travius you are able to manage all needed functions of a working business under one program. (offer counting, orders, invoicing, counters, erp, reports, crm, webstores, personnel management) Travius sends prices and receives orders digitally right into the order backlog, where it all can be accessed and used in production management as well as in invoicing.

It is also a great tool in resources management in a network. You are able to see the providers capacities if needed, thus unnecessary phone calls can be avoided. Overbooking through an online shop can also be avoided by appropriate resources management.

Operations management, ERP

- The foundations of a company

has the goal to improve the conditions of competition for travel companies by offering tools, contacts and support for entrepreneurs.

As the principle of GodeGem is to provide excellent service to our customers. We seek to bring power to business, new channels for sales and money saving strategies. We don't neglect our customers after contracts have been signed as we provide follow ups and guidance through building up the business.

Accommodation, activity, rental spaces and storage, and capacity management is all made possible with Travius.

Customer management

It is vital for travel companies to have information on customers and to be able to use that information adequately. With customer management you are able to track contracts, future plans and buyers history. Looking at the history of the clients, it ables making plans for the needs of the customer relations for the future. At the same time it is possible to quickly respond to changing environments. With customer management it is possible to track customer expenses and when needed, make yearly plans and follow their progress.

Traditionally travel companies have provided their products to tour operators which are sold forward to the end-use customers. Modern customer management is on another level. We as an industry have moved from product presentation policies to being an active problem solver to our clients. An active travel company tries to influence and make the chain of distribution of its clients easier and more efficient. While managing multiple customers it is easy to notice common need despite a competitive setting. Companies ending up as winner are those who are able to use this information and find solutions to customer's needs.

Boosting the efficiency

In an intense competition situation or in an economic downturn every travel company must find necessary means to cut costs. And the best way to find them is to streamline processes and information management. When every employee has the information needed readily available, no mistakes will be made during basic checks. And as the flow of information within the company gets more efficient, it is possible to move work to or from another level, so that the right people are able to do the work.

To improve companys cooperation network, create new contacts

The competition within the whole traveling industry must be seen as global. Companies should strive for seamless cooperation with each other. At best, the results of liaison will be shown as a more efficient chain of production as well as more accurate customer feedback.

Mutual goals and well with unified quality documentation presents business as professional and make it a desirable tourist attraction. Communication between companies must be boosted so that the number of miscalculations and mistakes caused by them in production will be decreased.

Accommodation interface

Travius combines together the logic of the accommodation interface with activities by dynamic model in ERP.

Making of the bookinga in the accommodation interface has been made as easy to use as possible. The reservation can be started from the room map or from the reservation page that has the availability calendar, customer information as well as selection of accommodation goods.

All custormers checking in and out can be followed from the Check in/out -list. All information about the quests and the additional info can be found displayed on the same list. The payment information of leaving guests is also seen there.

From the room map -view you are able to see all the rooms that are currently reserved, and you are able to change where guest are staying by a simple drag and drop function. The reservation can be started by highlighting the room wanted and the dates for the stay and completed by just adding the customer information and any possible additional services. It is possible to choose if the reservation will be paid in advance. From the room map it is then continued on to the next page where other necessary information is filled to, like nationality etc.

You are able to mark all the rooms that have been cleaned and the rate of change of the bedding. The cleaning list is connected to the Check out list so when a quest has been marked to check out, the room is automatically marked as it needs to be cleaned. The next quest can't be put in that room until it has been cleaned.

Additional services can be added straight to the room bill and can be paid all straight through the counter.

Webstore in business network

Travius makes it possible to outsource sales in multiple different ways. Through an online store you can sell to individual customers and as well as to tour operators or other retailers. Customer specific discounts are taken in account automatically.

Travius webstore can be set for company's branch of businesses, at the best customer can create theyre own travel package from start to finish.

For example.:


Through the Travius API it is possible to in integrate the products in Travius to websites made with for example Joomla or Wordpress.
With the Travius API the online shop can be totally customized for customers needs.
For example:


Travius Widget makes it possible to add webstore functionalities to an already existing website.
For example:


Companies all programs combined to one

Traditionally the company gets a billing system, cash register, booking system and an online shop individually and after starts figuring out how to integrate all of them

GodeGem offers you a system where everything is integrated directly together. You only need to make one reservation and it's information is available evrywhere it isneedes in Travius.

A reservation system is found for accommodation, activities and for every goods the company provides. Reservations can be made from different user interfaces and sources: accommodation, dynamic packaging, online shops, receiving orders from different sources(SiteMinder, Bókun, Travius network, Travius API). All of this information moves to the ERP and financial management, and to reporting.

Travius also enables companies that use Travius to sell other companies products if they make cooperation contracts within Travius, and send wanted products and prices.