Digital Guest and Travius to cooperation

Travius and Digital Guest now work together, booking information can be sent from Travius to Digital Guest for marketing and customer experience communications.

Wild Nordic new website

Wild Nordic published new website, based on Travius API, Travius Widget and Worpdess with Adkioski

Travius and SiteMinder to cooperation

Travius and SiteMinder function now real-time, availabilities and prices are set to Travius, from where they are transferred to SiteMinder, and from SiteMinder to all sales channels they are set

Travius and Bókun to cooperation

Bókun, webstore solution for activities can be linked to Travius, products are synchronized and bookings can be fetched to Travius order base, and to the ERP.

Travius API

Travius API is tool for developers. With Travius API developers can use Travius set products for sale for existing webstores or make tailor made webstore solutions. Codegem's partners has experience for different CMS solutions (For example Joomla, WordPress)

Few examples:
Rock and lake
Wild nordic

Travius counter

Travius companies can use Travius counter, which is made for traditional item sales, activities, ticket sales, restaurants and accommodation final invoice payments. Sales are transferred automatically to Travius, and companies can use Travius set capacities if they choose so.

Travius webstore

For Travius companies, webstore can be installed. Travius uses webstore, that is based for Travius set branches of business (Accommodation, Activities, Restaurant, Item sales, Fishing licences, Ticket sales, Travel packages, Rental). Travius webstore includes also interface for resellers and tour operators.

As Travius webstore, companies can also use Travius Widget, that can be integrated to companies own web pages.

Travius base philosophy is that one sales channel does not exclude others.

Ranua Zoo
Visit Inari Stella polaris adventures